Vol. 21 No. 2, 2001

Bridging Canada’s Digital Divide: First Nations’ Access to New Information Technologies.    By Marian Bredin 

Indigenous Peoples of Russia and Politics History.   By Galina Diatchkova

Discourse Practices in Nuuk, Greenland: Language Usage and Language Attitudes of Students at the Gymnasium, A Pilot Project.   By Karen Langgard 

Challenging the Deficit Paradigm: Grounds for Optimism Among First Nations in Canada.   By  J. Rick Ponting  andCora J. Voyageur

Sacred Land and Coming. Back: How Gitxsan and Witsuwit’en Reincarnation Stretches Western Boundaries.   By Antonia Mills 

Social Welfare and North American First Nations: A Socialist Political Economy Perspective.   By G. Brent Angell

Research Paper

The Plains Cree Grotowski.   By James Forsythe

Book Reviews 

Anderson, Kim:   A Recognition of Being: Reconstructing Native Womanhood.   Reviewed by Renate Eigenbrod
Blackburn, Carol:   Harvest of Souls:  The Jesuit Missions and Colonialism in North America, 1632-1650.   Reviewed by Rob Nestor
Brant Castellano, Mariene, Lynne Davis and Louise Lahache (Editors):   Aboriginal Education:  Fullfilling the Promise.   Reviewed by Antoon A. Leenaars
Kulchyski, Peter, Don McCaskiIl and David Newhouse:   In the Words of Elers:  Aboriginal Cultures in Transition.   Reviewed by Antoon A. Leenaars
Leenaars, Antoon A., Susan Wenckstem, Isaac Sakinofsky, Ronald J. Dyck, Michael J Kral and Roger C. Bland:   Suicide in Canada.   Reviewed by Peter Carstens
Lobo, Susuan and Kurt Peters:   American Indians and the Urban Experience: Contemporary Native American Communities, No. 5.   Reviewed by Max Carocci
Ryan, Allan J.:   The Trickster Shift:  Humor and Irony in Contemporary Native Art.  Reviewed by Jan Brancewicz

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