Vol. 20 No. 2, 2000

Industrialization and the Politicization of Health in LabradorMetis Society.  By Maura Hanrahan

Improving Community Housing, an Important Determinant of Health Through Mechanical and Electrical Training Programs.   By Leonard J.S. Tsuji,  Anthony Iannucci  and  Guy Iannucci

Institutionalized Adaptation: Aboriginal Involvement in Land andResource Management.   By David C. Natcher

Modem Treaties in Canada: The Case of Northern QuebecAgreements and the Inuvialuit Final Agreement.   By James C. Saku and Robert M. Bone 

An Essay on Suicide and Disease in Canadian Indian Reserves:Bringing Durkheim Back In.   By Peter Carstens

Educational Achievements and Labour Market Outcomes ofStudents in the University of Manitoba Access Program.   By Atlanta Sloane-Seale,  Benjamin Levin, and Lori Wallace 

Current Directions in Aboriginal Law / Justice in Canada.   By Craig Proulx

Towards an “Indigenous Paradigm” from a Sami Perspective.   By Rauna Kuokkanen 

Plains Cree Identity: Borderlands, Ambiguous Genealogies andNarrative Irony.   By Neal McLeod

Towards a Model of Co-Management of Provincial Parks in Ontario.   By Roger Spielmann  and Marina Unger

Book Reviews

Coates, Ken S. and P. G. McHugh:   Living Relationships:   The Treaty of Waitangi in the New Millennium.   Reviewed by Rob Nestor
Cook, Curtis and Juan D. Lindau (Editors):   Aboriginal Rights and Self-Government:  The Canadian and Mexican Experience in North American Perspective.    Reviewed by Rob Nestor
Dempsey, Hugh A.:   Tribal Honors:  A History of the Kainai Chieftainship.  Reviewed by Karl Hele
Dickason, Olive Patricia:   The Myth of the Savage, and the Beginnings of French Colonialism in the Americas.    Reviewed by David J. Norton
Dorsey, George:   The Pawnee Mythology.    Reviewed by Massimiliano Carocci
Gibson, John Arthur:   Concerning the League:  The Iroquois League Tradition as Dictated in Onondaga (newly elicted and translated by Hanni Woodbury).   Reviewed by Seymour Dubrow
Goulet, Jean-Guy A.:   Ways of Knowing:  Experience, Knowledge and Power among the Dene Tha.    Reviewed by Claire Warrior
Griffiths, Nicholas and Fernando Cervantes:   Spiritual Encounters:  Interactions between Christianity and Native Religions in Colonial America.   Reviewed by Michael R. Angel
Hauptman, Laurence and L. G. McLester:   The Oneida Indian Journey, from New York to Wisconsin 1784-1860.    Reviewed by David J. Norton
Innis, Harold:  The Fur Trade in Canada (with New Introductory Essay by by Arthur J. Ray).    Reviewed by Yale Belanger
Kunin, Roslyn (Editor):   Prospering Together:  The Impact of the Aboriginal Title Settlements in B.C.    Reviewed by Joseph Mensah
McNab, David T.:   Circles of Time:  Aboriginal Land Rights and Resistance in Ontario.    Reviewed by David J. Norton
McNab, David T. (Editor):   Earth, Water,  Air and Fire:  Studies in Canadian Ethnohistory.   Reviewed by Yale Belanger
Marles, Robin J., Christina Clavelle, Leslie Monteleone, Natalie Tays and Donna Burns:   Aboriginal Plant Use in Canada’s Northwest Boreal Forest.  Reviewed by Nancy J. Turner
Nichols, Roger L.:   Indians in the United States and Canada:  A Comparative History.   Reviewed by Seymore Dubrow
Ostrowitz, Judith:   Privileging the Past: Reconstructing History in Northwest Coast Art.    Reviewed by Claire Warrior
Parks, Douglas:   Myths and Tradition  of the Arikara Indians.   Reviewed by Massimiliano Carocci
Pelly, David G. and Kim Crockatt (Editors):   Uvajuq: The Origin of Death.  Reviewed by Antoon A. Leenaars
Perdue, Theda:   Cherokee Women:   Gender and Culture Change, 1700-1835.   Reviewed by Denise S. McConney
Valentine, Lisa and Regna Darnell (Editors):   Theorizing the Americanist Tradition.   Reviewed by Massimilliano Carocci

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