Vol. 13 No. 1, 1993

Spiritualité, Individu et Analyse Théorique de la Communication: Les Études Indiennes et la Psychologie à la Rescousse. Joël Demay

The Maori Land Court in New Zealand: An Historical Overview. By Bryan D. Gilling

Inuit Literature in English: A Chronological Survey. By Michael P. J. Kennedy

Participatory Action Research in Native Communities: Cultural Opportunities and Legal Implications. By Tony Hoare, Chris Levy and Michael P. Robinson

Cohousing: A Scandinavian Longhouse, or a Traditional Approach to Modern Housing? By Robert J. White-Harvey

The 1811 Nass River Incident: Images of First Conflict on the Intercultural Frontier. By Jonathon R. Dean

Modernization in the Manitoba North: The Housing Initiative. By Robert Robson

Review Article

Treaties and an Official Use of History. By David T. McNab

Book Reviews

Averkieva, Julia and Mark A. Sherman: Kwakiutl String Figures. Reviewed by Thomas S. Abler
Brant, Beth: Food and Spirits. Reviewed by Renate Eigenbrod
Brown, Douglas: Aboriginal Governments and Power Sharing in Canada. Reviewed by Evelyn Peters
Courchene, Thomas J. and Lisa M. Powell: A First Nations Province. Reviewed by James M. Pitsula
Furniss, Elizabeth: Victims of Benevolence: Discipline and Death at the Williams Lake Residential School, 1891-1920. Reviewed by Jean-Guy A.Goulet
Hallowell, A. Irving: The Ojibwa of Berens River, Manitoba: Ethnography into History. Reviewed by Guy Lanoue
Johnston, Basil H.: Tales of the Anishnaubaek. Reviewed by Susan Medd
Johnston, Basil H.: Tales the Elders Told: Ojibway Legends. Reviewed by Susan Medd
Lummis, F. Charles.: Pueblo Indian Folk-Stories. Reviewed by Umit Kiziltan
Petrone, Penny ( Editor ): Northern Voices: Inuit Writing in English. Reviewed by Ken Hanly
Wadden, Marie: Nitassinan: The Innu Struggle to Reclaim Their Homeland. Reviewed by Tom G. Svensson

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