Vol. 10 No. 2, 1990

Cultural Appropriation as a Process of Displacing Peoples and History. By Hartmut Lutz

Cultural Heritage as a Cornerstone of a Rehabilitation Process: A Single Case Study. By Ian Hughes and Fay Sasson

From Ceremonial Object to Curio: Object Transformation at Port Simpson and Metlakatla, British Columbia in the Nineteenth Century. By Joanne MacDonald

Group Apraxia: The Phenomenology of Acculturalism. By Aubrey Neal

The CCF and the Development of M├ętis Colonies in Southern Saskatchewan During the Premiership of T. C. Douglas, 1944-1961. By F. Laurie Barron

Native Studies

History and Rationale of the Affirmative Action Program, College of Arts and Science, University of Saskatchewan. By G. S. Basran

Review Essay

Native Writers and Canadian Writing: Canadian Literature Special Issue. Reviewed by Guy Lanoue

Book Reviews

Barwick, Diane E., Jeremy Beckett and Marie Reay ( Editors ): Metaphors of Interpretation: Essays in Honour of W. E. H. Stanner. Reviewed by Elizabeth Furniss
Beaulieu, Alain: Convertier Les Fils de Cain, Jesuites et Amerindiens Nomades en Nouvelle-France, 1632-1642. Reviewed by Barry McGrory
Coates, Kenneth ( Editor ): The Alaska Highway: Papers on the 40th Anniversary Symposium. Reviewed by Jeremy Hull
Dippie, Brian W.: Catlin and His Contemporaries: The Politics of Patronage. Reviewed by E. Paul Morrissy
Grinnell, George Bird: Pawnee Hero Stories and Folk Tales. Reviewed by Rosanne Gasse
Kovalenko, Svetlana: A Stride Across A Thousand Years. Reviewed by Ken Hanly
Lee, Mary Madeline ( Bobby ): The New Nation – Christ’s Chosen People. Reviewed by Alfred Fisher
Nichols, John D. ( Editor ): “Statement Made by the Indians”: A Bilingual Petition of the Chippewas of Lake Superior. Reviewed by Ridie Wilson Ghezzi
Nichols, John D. ( Editor ): An Ojibwe Text Anthology. Reviewed by Ridie Wilson Ghezzi
Olson, Paul A. ( Editor ): The Struggle for the Land: Indigenous Insight and Industrial Empire in the Semiarid World. Reviewed by James S. Frideres
Prucha, Francis Paul ( Editor ): Documents of United States Indian Policy, Second Edition. Reviewed by David Reed Miller
Robinson, Harry ( Compiled and Edited by Wendy Wickwire ): Write it on Your Heart: The Epic World of an Okanagan Storyteller. Reviewed by John S. Long
Ronda, James P.: Lewis and Clark Among the Indians. Reviewed by W. A. Calder
Suttles, Wayne ( Editor ): Handbook of North American Indians: Northwest Coast (Volume 7). Reviewed by Anne Goodfellow
Wheeler, Jordan: Brothers in Arms. Reviewed by A. R.Bobiwash

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