Vol. 1 No. 2, 1981

Flexibility in Hare Social Organization. By Guy Lanoue

Herman Merivale and Colonial Office Indian Policy in the Mid-Nineteenth Century. By David T. McNab

A Few Thoughts on the Lanuage of the Inuit. By Louis-Jacques Dorais

The Trail of Stress. By Arthur W. Blue and Meredith A. Blue

Aquagenesis: Drowning by Flooding is So Good for You. Joseph Mecredi


Introduction. By Patricia Sawchuk

The Viability of Indian Languages in Canada. By John A. Price

Discussion and Debate

Correspondence. By Scott Clark

Native Studies

Native Studies in Canadian Universities and Colleges. By John A. Price

Book Reviews

Krotz, Larry: Urban Indians: The Strangers in Canada’s Cities. Reviewed by John A. Price
Manitoba: Report of the Indian Child Welfare Sub-Committee Manitoba. Reviewed by Dianna Shamray
Pellinski, Ramon, Luk Suluk, and Lucy Amarook: Inuit Songs from Eskimo Point. Reviewed by Laird Christie
San Souci, Robert D.: Song of Sedna. Reviewd by Lorelei Cederstrom
The People of ‘Ksan: Gathering What the Great Nature Provided: Food Traditions of the Gitksan. Reviewed by Diane E. Barwick

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