Vol. 9 No. 1, 1989

The Sami Law: A Change of Norwegian Government Policy Toward the Sami Minority? By Oystein Steinlien

Forging Aboriginal / Non-Aboriginal Partnerships: The Joint-Venture Model. By Gabriele Ferrazzi

Status of Métis Children within the Child Welfare System. By Lawrence J. Barkwell, Lyle N. Longclaws and David N. Chartrand

Environmental Impact Assessment and Resource Management, A Haida Case Study: Implications for Native People of the North. By Catherine Shapcott

Language Attitudes in a Multilingual Northern Community. By Donald M. Taylor and Stephen C. Wright

Devalued People: The Status of the Métis in the Justice System. By Lawrence J. Barkwell, David N. Gray, David N. Chartrand, Lyle N. Longclaws and Ron H. Richard

Book Reviews

Jones, Elsie: The Story of the Falling Star. Reviewed by Elspeth Ross
Maracle, Lee: I Am Woman. Reviewed by Carolyn Hoople Creed

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