Vol. 8 No. 2, 1988

Searching for the Authentic: The True North and The True Composer. By Alfred J. Fisher

The Historical and Musical Significance of Northwest Coast Indian Hámáca Songs. By Anton Kolstee

James A. Teit: His Contributions to Canadian Ethnomusicology. By Wendy C. Wickwire

Old Indian and Métis Fiddling in Manitoba: Origins, Structure and Questions of Syncretism. By Anne Lederman

Four Cree Love Songs: The Interaction of Text and Music. By Arden C. Ogg

Why Baby Why: Howard Broomfield’s Documentation of the Dunne-Za Soundscape. By Robin Ridington

Singing, Laughing and Playing; Three Examples from the Inuit, Dene and Yupik Traditions. By Nichole Beaudry

Brief Communication

The History of CBC Northern Service Broadcast Recordings. By Perry Linttell

Audio Tape Reviews

Clemens, Linda: “Une Chanson de vérite”: Folksongs of the Prairie Métis, Indian Head, Saskatchewan. Reviewed by Marie-Louise Perron
Dakota Hotain Singers: Dakota Hotain Singers. Reveiewed by Arthur W. Blue
Gu-Achi Fiddlers: Old Time O’odham Fiddle Music. Reviewed by Allan J. Ryan
R. Carlos Nakai: Changes. Reviewed by Alfred Fisher
R. Carlos Nakai: Cycles. Reviewed by Alfred Fisher
R. Carlos Nakai: Journeys. Reviewed by Alfred Fisher
The Woodland Singers: Traditional Mesquakie Songs. Reviewed by Arthur W. Blue

Introduction to Special Issue

Native Music. By Lynn Whidden

Book Reviews

Ahenakew, Freda ( Editor and Translator ): Kiskinahamwakan – acimowinisa – Student Stories. Reviewed by Esther Sanderson
Ahenakew, Freda ( Editor ): waskahikaniwiyiniw-acimowina – Stories of the House People. Reviewed by Florence Paynter
Asch, Michael: Kinship and the Drum Dance in a Northern Dene Community. Reviewed by Nichole Beaudry
Beardy, L.: pisiskiwak kâ-pîkiskwêcik: Talking Animals, Memoir 5, Algonquian and Iroquoian Linguistics. Reviewed by Salina Shrofel
Beckwith, John ( Editor ): Singing Out the Glad News: Hymn Tunes in Canada. Reviewed by Lynn Whidden
Breen, Marcus ( Editor ): Our Place Our Music: Aboriginal Music: Australian Popular Music in Perspective, Volume 2. Reviewed by Barbara A. Gill
Brown, Jennifer S. H. and Robert Brightman: “The Orders of the Dreamed”: George Nelson on Cree and Northern Ojibwa Religion and Myth. Reviewed by William Asikinack
Clark, Joan: The Victory of Geraldine Gull. Reviewed by James Thurgood
Grant, Agnes: Native Literature in the Curriculum. Reviewed by John S. Long
MacKenzie, Margaret E., Annie Whiskychan, Luci Salt, Louise Blacksmith and Eva Louttit ( Editors ): Cree Lexicon: Eastern James Bay Dialects. Reviewed by John D. Nichols
Le Pouvoir des sons. Reviewed by Lynn Whidden
Fetes et musiques. Reviewed by Lynn Whidden
Earth Elder Stories. Reviewed by Jon C. Stott

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