Vol. 7 No. 2, 1987

Omaha Images of Renewal. By Robin Ridington

Cosmology and the Reinvention of Culture: The Lakota Case. By William K. Powers

Coyote in Navajo Religion and Cosmology. By Guy H. Cooper

Dendrogram and Celestial Tree: Numerical Taxonomy and Variants of the Iroquoian Creation Myth. By Thomas S. Abler

Star Clocks: Mescalero Apache Ceremonial Timing. By Claire Farrer

Wakanyan: Symbols of Power and Ritual of the Teton Sioux. By Colin Taylor

Navajo Hooghan and Navajo Cosmos. By Ingrid van Dooren

Seneca Iroquois Concepts of Time. By Thomas McElwain

Diversity in Cosmology: The Case of the Wind River Shoshoni. By Åke Hultkrantz

Cosmological Implications of Pan-Indian Sacred Pipe Ritual. By Jordan Paper

Ivory, Antler, Feather and Wood: Material Culture and the Cosmology of the Cumberland Sound Inuit, Baffin Island, Canada. By Susan M. Pearce

Kinship as Cosmology: Potatoes as Offspring among the Aymara of Highland Bolivia. By Denise Arnold

Huichol Natural Philosophy. By Anthony Alan Shelton

Political Landscape and World Origins in Mesoamerican Texts. By Gordon Brotherston

Zapotec Religious Practices in the Valley of Oaxaca: An Analysis of the 1580 “Relaciones Geograficas” of Phillip II. By Jean Starr

The Language of Woven Images among the Tzotzil. By Caroline Karslake

Shadow and Substance: A Mopan Maya View of Human Existence. By Ann E. Fink

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