Vol. 6 No. 2, 1986

Closing an Incomplete Circle of Confederation: A Brief to the Joint Parliamentary Committee of the Federal Government on the 1987 Constitutional Accord. By Tony Hall

Native White Relations in a Northern Oil Town. By Charles W. Hobart

Beyond Advocacy: The Northern Conference as an Educational Model. By Curt Taylor Griffiths and Margit Nance

The Six Nations: A Neglected Aspect of Canadian Legal History. By Donald J. Bourgeois

Aboriginal Identity: The Management of a Minority Group by the Mainstream Society. By Deirdre F. Jordan

The Reverend George Barnley and the James Bay Cree. By John S. Long

Domestic Hunting and Fishing by Manitoba Indians: Magnitude Composition and Implications for Management. By M.W. Wagner

Book Reviews

Grant, John Webster: Moon of Wintertime: Missionaries and the Indians of Canada in Encounter Since 1534. Reviewed by Eric Bonfield
Kabotie, Michael (Lomawywesa): Migration Tears: Poems about Transitions. Reviewed by David Sheach
McCue, H.A. (Editor): Establishing Pathways to Excellence in Indian Education: Selected Papers from the First Mokakit Conference, July 1984. Reviewed by Dick Henley
Shilling, Arthur: The Ojibway Dream. Reviewed by Allan J. Ryan

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