Vol. 6 No. 1, 1986

Enhancing Local Planning Skills for Native Self-Reliance: The UBC Experience. By Peter Boothroyd

Faces and Interfaces of Indian Self-Government. By Roger Gibbins and J. Rick Ponting

Determination of Indian Band Membership: An Examination of Political Will. By Morris Manyfingers Jr.

Self-Government or Self-Delusion? Brian Mulroney and Aboriginal Rights. By Tony Hall

Community Based Research: The Dilemma of Contract. By M.J. Hedley

A Perspective on the Indian Nations in Canada. By S.I. Pobihushchy

Some Reflections on the Life and Hard Times of an Indian Land Claims Researcher. By David T. McNab

The Genesis and Structure of the “Dene Gondie” Study: What the People Say about the Norman Wells Project. By William Rees

Toward an Integrated, Community-Based, Partnership Model of Native Development and Training: A Case Study in Process. By Alexander Lockhart and Don McCaskill

Sovereignty, Jurisdiction and Guiding Principles in Aboriginal Education in Canada. By Eric Johnston and Diane Longboat

Perspectives de developpement des services universitaires sur le terrain en milieux Algonquins et developpement pedagogic communautaire. Francois Larose

Introduction to Special Issue

Universities and Self-Determination. By Gregory Conchelos, Donald McCaskill and John Milloy

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