Vol. 5 No. 2, 1985

What is Native American Literature? By Janette K. Murray

The Ethnic Imagination: A Case History. By Dennis Hoilman

The Importance of Native Oratory. By Rota Lister

Spirits in the Snowhouse: The Inuit Angakok (Shaman) in Children’s Literature. By Jon C. Stott

The Old Wagon Road: Taking Field Notes from Ethnographic Work in a Northern Native Community. By Robin Ridington

The Girl and the Bear Facts: A Cross-Cultural Comparison. By Georgina Loucks

Developing a Curriculum for Native Literature. By Lorelei Cederstrom

North American Indian Nationalism and the Decline of Sacred Authenticity. By Richard K. Pope

Confronting Language Ambivalence and the Language Death: The Roles of the University in Native Communities. By Robert M. Leavitt


Snake. By Felix Beardy

The Winter. By Sharon Little

High Steel. By Billy Monias

The Beaver. By Zack Flett

Native Studies

A Survey of Native Studies Programs in the U.S.A. By John A. Price

Journal Review

Special Metis Issue: American Indian and Culture Research Journal. By John S. Long

Introduction to Special Issue

Native Literature. By Lorelei Cederstrom

Book Reviews

Cohen, Fay G.: Treaties on Trial. Reviewed by William J. Stillwell
Friesen, Gerald: The Canadian Prairies: A History. Reviewed by E. Peers
Geiogamah, Hanay: New Native American Drama: Three Plays. Reviewed by Agnes Grant
Salisbury, Richard: A Homeland for the Cree. Reviewed by Lynn Whidden

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