Vol. 5 No. 1, 1985

La Loutre. Daniel Clement

A Staff Development Program for Teachers in Northern Native Villages. By Steve Grubis

The Fur Trade and Early Capitalist Development in British Columbia. By Rennie Warburton and Stephen Scott

Canadian Indian Health: A Needs Assessment Project. By Gordon E. Barnes

The Concept of the Good Indian: An Albany River 19th Century Managerial Perspective. By Elizabeth Arthur

Traditional Native Poetry. By Agnes Grant

Competition and Warfare: Functional verses Historical Explanations. By Scott Hamilton

Ojibwa World View: A Re-Examination. By Damian McShane and Arthur W. Blue

Native Studies

Canadian Native Studies by Europeans. By John A. Price

Book Reviews

Driben and Trudeau: When Freedom is Lost. Reviewed by Onions
Echlin: Bibliography of Canadian Indian Mythology. Reviewed by McFadden
Hornby and Dana: Mni Wakan and the Sioux. Reviewed by Jones

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