Vol. 4 No. 2, 1984

Best Left as Indians: The Federal Government and the Indians of the Yukon, 1894-1950. By Ken Coates

Hydro-Electric Development and the Process of Negotiation in Northern Manitoba, 1960-1977. By James B. Waldram

Increasing the School Attendance of Native Students: An Application of Cognitive Evaluation Theory. By Robert J. Vallerand and Larry Menard

The Impact of Resource Development on the Health of Native People in the Northwest Territories. By Charles W. Hobart

William Beynon and the Anthropologists. By Barbara J. Winter

Non-Authority in Nicola Valley Indian Culture and Implications for Education. By Robert Sterling and Yvonne Hebert

The Establishment of a Commercial Fishing Industry and the Demise of Native Fisheries in Northern Manitoba. By Frank Tough

“A Serene Atmosphere”? Treaty 1 Revisited. By D. J. Hall

Native Studies

An Overview of Recent Books and Graduate Theses in Canadian Native Studies. By John A. Price

Exhibition Review

Metis. Reviewed by Paul C. Thistle

Book Reviews

Boldt: The Quest for Justice: Aboriginal Peoples and Aboriginal Rights. Reviewed by Mirkovic
Gough: Gunboat Frontier: British Maritime Authority and Northwest Coast Indians, 1846-1890. Reviewed by Leighton
Norman: Where the Chill Came From. Reviewed by Grant
Petrone: First People, First Voices. Reviewed by Grant

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