Vol. 4 No. 1, 1984

Canadian Indian Policy: The Constitutional Trap. By Roger Gibbins

Language Use and School Performance in a Native Classroom. By Richard D. Heyman

Aboriginal Rights as Natural Rights. By Daniel J. Gormley

Government Policy and Indian Natural Resource Development. By James S. Frideres

Native Trainees and White Co-Workers: A Study of Prejudice in an Industrial Setting. By Charles W. Hobart

Traditional Roles of Native Women in Canada and the Impact of Colonization. By Somer Brodribb

Reclaiming Culture: Indigenous Performers Take Back Their Own Show. By Ross Kidd

The Sociopolitical Context of Native Indian Language Education in British Columbia. By Yvonne Hebert

Native Studies

A Critical Analysis of Graduate Theses in Native Studies. By John A. Price

Research Notes

1981 Census Coverage of the Native Population in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. By Jeremy Hull

Exhibition Review

Norval Morrisseau and the Emergence of the Image Makers. Reviewed by Alan Ryan

Book Reviews

Getty: As Long as the Sun Shines and the Water Flows. Reviewed by Dickason
Johnston: Native Children and the Child Welfare System. Reviewed by Ryan
Murdoch: A Bibliography of the Algonquian Syllabic Texts in Canada Repositories. Reviewed by Nichols
Page: Heritage of the North American Indian People. Reviewed by Richling
Sturtevant: Handbook of North American Indians. Reviewed by Nagata
Tanner: The Politics of Indianness. Reviewed by Stonechild

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