Vol. 30, No. 1


Cultural Resilience: Voices of Native American Students in College Retention. By Virginia Drywater-Whitekiller

Indigenous Contentious Collective Action in Canada: The Labrador Innu and Their Occupation of the Goose Bay Military Air Base. By Christopher Alcantara

An Uncomfortable Discussion. By Val Napoleon

The Spirit Messenger and the Traditional Exemplar: Two Figures of the Elder Among Plains Cree Communities. By Andrew R. Hatala and Michel Desjardins

The Victor Diamond Mine Environmental Assessment and the Mushkegowuk Territory First Nations: Critical Systems Thinking and Social Justice. By Daniel D. McCarthy, Graham S. Whitelaw and Leonard Tsuji

Youth Leisure in a Native North American Community: An Observational Study. By Greg S. Place and Jennifer S. Livengood

Discussion and Debate / Discussion et d├ębat

Redman in the Ivory Tower: First Nations Students and Negative Classroom Environments in the University Setting. By William G. Lindsay

Names. by Jennifer Lisa Vest

Book Reviews
Beardslee, Lois: The Women’s Warrior Society. Reviewed by Barbara Rose
Becker, Marc: Indians and Leftists in the Making of Ecuador’s Modern Indigenous Movements. Reviewed by Patricia Harms
Bourque, Bruce J. and Laureen A. LaBar: Uncommon Threads: Wabanaki Textiles, Clothing, and Costumes. Reviewed Anne de Stecher
Episkenew, Jo-Ann: Taking Back Our Spirits: Indigenous Literature, Public Policy, and Healing. Reviewed by Sam McKegney
Epp, Roger: We are Treaty People. Reviewed by Ethan Baptiste
Erickson, Kirsten C.: Yaqui Homeland and Homeplace: The Everyday Production of Ethnic Identity. Reviewed by Sterling Evans
Field, Les W. et. al.: Abalone Tales: Collaborative Explorations of Sovereignty and Identity in Native California. Reviewed by Gregory Gagnon
Kramer, Jennifer: Switchbacks: Art, Ownership, and Nuxalk National Identity. Reviewed by Susan Gott
Kroskrity, Paul V. and Margaret C. Field (Editors): Native American Language Ideologies: Beliefs, Practices, and Struggles in Indian Country. Reviewed by Jeff Muehlbauer
Lakevold, Dale and Darrell Racine: Stretching Hide. Reviewed by Hee-Jung Serenity Joo
Martinez, David: Dakota Philosopher: Charles Eastman and American Indian Thought. Reviewed by Mark F. Ruml
Matsui, Kenichi: Native Peoples and Water Rights: Irrigation, Dams and the Law in Western Canada. Reviewed by Bruce Stadfeld
McNally, Michael (Editor): The Art of Tradition: Sacred Music, Dance & Myth of Michigan’s Anishinaabe, 1946-1955. Reviewed by Lynn Whidden
Miller, J. R.: Compact, Contract, Covenant: Aboriginal Treaty-Making in Canada. Reviewed by Barry Cottam.
Neihardt, John G.: Black Elk Speaks: Being the Life Story of a Holy Man of the Oglala Sioux. The Premier Edition. Reviewed by Mark F. Ruml
Oxford, Will: A Grammatical Study of Innu-Aimun Particles. Reviewed by StC)phane Goyette
Rymhs, Deena: From the Iron House: Imprisonment in First Nations Writing. Reviewed by Jennifer Andrews
Sioui, Georges: Histoires de Kanatha / Histories of Kanatha. Reviewed by Kelly Harrison
Sims, Lowery Stokes, Truman T. Lowe and Paul Chaat Smith (Editors). Fritz Scholder: Indian/Not Indian. Reviewed by Emily E. Auger
Blomberg, Nancy J. (Editor); Reinventing the Wheel: Advancing the Dialog on Contemporary Indian Art. Reviewed by Emily E. Auger
Ostrowitz, Judith: Interventions: Native American Art for Far Flung Territories. Reviewed by Emily E. Auger
Van Deusen, Kira: Kiviuq: An Inuit Hero and His Siberian Cousins. Reviewed by Christopher G. Trott
Widdowson, Frances and Albert Howard: Disrobing the Aboriginal Industry: The Deception Behind Indigenous Cultural Preservation. Reviewed by Karl Hele
Wilmer, S. E. (Editor); Native American Performance and Representation. Reviewed by Fran Luther
Wilson, Pamela and Michelle Stewart (Editors): Global Indigenous Media: Cultures, Poetics and Politics. Reviewed by Jean-Paul Restoule

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