Vol. 3 No. 2, 1983

Mineral Rights on Indian Reserves in Ontario. By RIchard H. Bartlett

Planning and Development after the James Bay Agreement. By Peter Wertmann

Worker-Controlled Native Enterprises: A Vehicle for Community Development in Northern Canada? By Gurston Dacks

Algonquian Land Tenure and State Structures in the North. By Adrian Tanner

Indian Economic Development in “The Indian News” (1952-1982). By Malcolm Davidson

The Role of Basic Needs and Provisions in Planning and Development. By M. G. Smith


Introduction. By Patricia Sawchuk

Native Rights and Self Determination. By Hon. Thomas R. Berger

Native Studies

Native Economic Development and Small Business Management Course: An Experimental Partnership between a Native Association and a University. By Don McCaskill

Research Notes

The R. W. Dunning Papers at the University of Toronto. By Malcolm Davidson

Film Review

Taking Care of Our Own. Reviewed by Bruce Hickey

Introduction to Special Issue

Development and Planning after Land Claims By Samuel Corrigan

Book Reviews

Flannagan: Riel and Rebellion. Reviewed by Sprague
Oswalt: Eskimos and Explorers. Reviewed by Heathcote
Pentland & Wolfart: Bibliography of Algonquian Linguistics. Reviewed by McFadden
Sprague & Frye: The Genealogy of the First Metis People. Reviewed by Shore
de Tremaudan: Hold High Your Heads. Reviewed by McNab

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