Vol. 3 No. 1, 1983

The Rise and Decline of Hybrid (Metis) Societies on the Frontier of Western Canada and Southern Africa. By Alvin Kienetz

Housing the Homeguard at Moose Factory: 1730-1982. By Carol Judd

Woman as Centre and Symbol in the Emergence of Metis Communities. By Jennifer S. H. Brown

Speaking Michif in Four Metis Communities. By John C. Crawford

Lawrence Clarke: Architect of Revolt. By Martin Shulman and Don McLean

The Place of the Metis within the Agricultural Economy of the Red River During the 1940’s and the 1850’s. By W. Leland Clark

The Metis in English Canadian Literature. By Emma LaRoque

Archdeacon Thomas Vincent of Moosonee and the Handicap of “Metis” Racial Status. By John S. Long

The Northwest Scrip Commissions as Federal Policy – Some Initial Findings. By Ken Hatt

Hearty Co-operation and Efficient Aid, The Metis and Treaty #3. By David T. McNab

An Historical Introduction to Metis Claims in Canada. By John Leonard Taylor

The Nature of Metis Claims. By Paul Driben

Les Metis et L’Idee du Canada. Jean Morisset


Manitoba Treaty Land Entitlement. Introduction and Summary of Recommendations by Patricia Sawchuk

Native Studies

Canadian Indian/Native Studies Association Announcement

Exhibition Review

Norval Morrissea: Recent Work. Reviewed by Mark Nisenholt

Journal Reviews

Aboriginal History. Reviewed by J. S. Milloy
The Pemmican Journal. Reviewed by F. L. Barron

Introduction to Special Issue

The Metis Since 1870. By A. S. Lussier

Book Reviews

Colombo: Windigo. Reviewed by Jones
Harrington: The Inuit. Reviewed by Legros
Kinsella: Dance Me Outside, Scars, Born Indian, The Moccasin Telegram. Reviewed by Simonds

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