Vol. 28 No.2, 2008

Aboriginal Identity, Misrepresentation, and Dependence: A Survey of the Literature.  By Lorenzo Cherubini

Metis Claims to “Indian” Title in Manitoba, 1860-1870.  By Darren O’Toole

Álenenec: Learning from Place, Spirit and the Traditional Language.  By Saanich Indian School Board, Joshua Guilar and Tye Swallow

Native Reserve Students’ and Native Public School Students’ Ways of Knowing Math.  By E. Nola Aitken and Annette Bruised Head

Aboriginal Identity in the Canadian Context.  By James Frideres

Aboriginal Women in Canada: On the Choice to Renounce or Reclaim Aboriginal Identity.  By Dannielle Naumann

Aboriginal Spirituality: A Baseline for Indigenous Knowledges Development in Australia.  By Vicki Grieves

Fanon and Beyond: Decolonizing Indigenous Subjects in Jeannette Armstrong’s Slash and Lee Maracle’s Sundogs.  By Jodie Lundgren

Discussion and Debate / Discussion et débat

“Privatize Reserve Lands? No. Improve Economic Development Conditions on Canadian Indian Reserves? Yes.  By Christopher Alcantara

Book Reviews

Archibald, Jo-Ann (Q’um Q’um Xiiem):   Indigenous Storywork: Educating the Heart, Mind, Body and SpiritReviewed by Marlene Atlea
Carter, Sarah:  The Importance of Being Monogamous: Marriage and Nation Building in Western Canada to 1915Reviewed Katrina Srigley
DePasquale, Paul W. (Editor):  Natives and Settlers Now and Then: Historical Issues and Current Perspectives on Treaties and Land Claims in Canada.  Reviewed by Robin Quantick
Douad, Patrick C. (Editor):  The Western Métis: Profile of a PeopleReviewed by Gerhard J. Ens
Fienup-Riordan, Ann:  Yuungnaqpiallerput: The Way We Genuinely Live, Masterworks of Yup’ik Science and Survival.  Reviewed by Chris Trott
Laugrand, Frederic, Jarich Oosten and Francois Trudel (Editors):  Apostle to the Inuit: The Journals and Ethnographic Notes of Edmund James Peck, The Baffin Years, 1894-1905.  Reviewed by Chris Trott
Lutz, John Sutton:  Makúk: A New History of Aboriginal-White Relations.  Reviewed by Alexandra Harmon
McKenzie, Stephanie:  Before the Country: Native Renaissance, Canadian Mythology.   Reviewed by Michael P. J. Kennedy
Nakata, Martin:  Disciplining the Savages: Savaging the Disciplines.  Reviewed by Donald L. Birchfield
Oguamanam, Chidi:  International Law and Indigenous Knowledge: Intellectual Property, Plant Biodiversity and Traditional Medicine.  Reviewed by Tom Alcoze

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