Vol. 28 No. 1, 2008

Art This Way: Decolonizing Art with Arthur Renwick.  By Judy Iseke-Barnes and Vivian Michelle Jiménez Estrada

Creating a Seat at the Table: A Retrospective Study of Aboriginal Programming at Canadian Heritage.  By Yale D. Belanger, Kevin Fitzmaurice and David R. Newhouse

Suffering an Excessive Burden: Housing as a Health Determinant in the First Nations Community of Northwestern Ontario.  By Robert Robson

From the “Other Natives” to the “Other Metis”.  By Annette Chretien

“They Are the Life of the Nation”: Women and War in Traditional Nadouek Society.  By Kathryn Magee

Linking Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Western Science: Aboriginal Perspectives From the 2000 State of the Lakes Ecosystem Conference.  By Deborah McGregor

The Ipperwash Inquiry and the Tragic Death of Dudley George.  By Edward J. Hedican

Secret, Powerful, and the Stuff of Legends: Revisiting Theories of Invented Tradition.  By Brian King Plant

Book Reviews

Blum, Rony:  Ghost Brother: Adoption of a French Tribe by Bereaved Native America: A Transdisciplinary Longitudinal Multilevel Integrated AnalysisReviewed by Ellen K. Brown
Deer, Sarah, Bonnie Clairmont and Carrie M. Martell (Editors):  Sharing Our Stories of Survival: Native Women Surviving ViolenceReviewed by Kimberly Roppolo
Eigenbrod, Renate:  Travelling Knowledges: Positioning the Im/migrant Reader of Aboriginal Literatures in CanadaReviewed by Judith Leggatt
Goddard, Ives (Editor):  The Autobiography of a Meskwaki Woman. Reviewed by Paul Voorhis
Grant, Agnes: Finding My Talk: How Fourteen Native Women Reclaimed Their Lives After Residential School.  Reviewed by Cheryle Partridge
Helin, Calvin:  Dances with Dependency: Indigenous Success Through Self-Reliance.  Reviewed by Ethan Baptiste
Hildebrandt, Walter and Brian Hubner:  The Cypress Hills: An Island by Itself.  Reviewed by Sterling Evans
Leepreecha, Prasit, Don McCaskill and Kwanchewan Buadaeng (Editors):  Challenging the Limits: Indigenous Peoples of theMekong Region.  Reviewed by Robert Wesley Heber
McCaskill, Don, Prasit Leepreecha and He Shaoying (Editors):  Living in a Globalized World: Ethnic Minorities in the Greater Mekong Subregion.  Reviewed by Robert Wesley Heber
McKegney, Sam:  Magic Weapons: Aboriginal Writers Remaking Community After Residential School.  Reviewed by Renate Eigenbrod
Dean Moore, Kathleen, Kurt Peters, Ted Jojola and Amber Lacy (Editors):  How It Is:  The Native Philosophy of V. F. Cordova.  Reviewed by Adam Arola
Stewart, W. Brian:  The Ermatingers: A 19th Century Ojibwa-Canadian Family.  Reviewed by Susan Elaine Gray
Acts du trente-septième congrès des algonquinistes / Papers of the Thirty-eighth Algonquian Conference.  Reviewed by Stephan Goyette

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