Vol. 27 No. 2, 2007

On ‘Modest Proposals” to Further Reduce Aboriginal Landbase by Privatizing Reserve Lands.  By Susan Campbell

Alienation and Nationalism: Is it Possible to Increase First Nations Voter Turnout in Ontario?  By Jennifer Dalton

Terra – Terror – Terrorism?: Land, Colonization, and Protest in Canadian Aboriginal Literature.  By Kerstin Knopf

The Representation of Ainu Culture in the Japanese Museum System.  By Naohiro Nakamura

Understanding Aboriginal Intergeneration Trauma from a Social Work Perspective.  By Peter Menzies

Environmental Change –  The Elders Speak.  By Bev Nicholson and Brian Scribe

Alberta’s Future Leaders Program: A Case Study of Aboriginal Youth and Community Development.  By Andrew Rose and Audrey R. Giles

Accord or Discord: Returning to Oral Traditions?  By Satoru Nakagawa

Suicide Among Indigenous Peoples: What Does the International Knowledge Tell Us?  By Antoon A. Leenaars, Marlene EchoHawk, David Lester and Lindsey Leenaars

Discussion and Debate

“Gathering Dust Not Saving Lives”: The Call for Texts Which Honestly and Straightforwardly Teach Aboriginal Children About HIV/AIDS and Other Important Issues.  By William G. Lindsay

Book Reviews

Brown, Leslie and Susan Strega (Editors):  Research in Resistance: Critical Indigenous, and Anti-Oppressive Approaches.  Reviewed by Christine M. O’Bonsawin
Champagne, D., K. Torjesen and S. Steiner (Editors).  and K. C.. Duncan:  Indigenous Peoples and the Modern StateReviewed by Jim Frideres
Anderson, T., B. Benson and T. Flanagan (Editors): Self-Determination: the Other Path for Native Americans. Reviewed by Jim Frideres
Hernández-Avila, Inés (Editor):  Reading Native American Women: Critical/ Creative RepresentationsReviewed by Barbara Rose
Mills, Antonia (Editor):  ‘Hang Onto These Words’: Johnny David’s Delgamuukw EvidenceReviewed by Tom G. Svensson

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