Vol. 26 No.1, 2006

Was New Spain Really First?: Rereading Juan Perez’s 1774 Expedition to Haida Gwaii. By Frederick H. White

Power Over Discourse: Linguistic Choices in Aboriginal Media Representations. By Steffi Retzlaff

Les j├ęsuites chez les Hurons en 1648-49. By Rachel Major

Calder v Attorney General of British Columbia; Aboriginal Case Law in an Ethnobiased Court. By Dr. S. Neyooxet Greymorning

A Tutelo Heritage: An Ethnoliterary Assessment of Chief Samuel Johns’ Correspondence with Dr. Frank G. Speck. By Jay Hansford C. Vest

Other Than the Interpretation of Dreams: The Dane-Zaa Indians and the Vision Quest. By David Martinez

Segregation of Women and Aboriginal People Within Canada’s Forest Sector by Industry and Occupation. By Suzanne E. Mills

Goose Hunt or Rap: Media Effects on a Group of Native-Canadian Preadolescents. By Mira Bajovic and Anne Elliot

Comparing Stories: Embracing the Circle of Life. By Diane Beck and Roger Spielmann

Book Reviews

Fedje, Daryl W. and Rolf W. Mathewes (editors): Haida Gwaii: Human History and Environment from the Time of Loon to the Time of the Iron People. Reviewed by Laurie Milne
Kroeber, Karl (editor) Native American Storytelling: A Reader of Myths and Legends. Reviewed by Karl Hele
Nakata, M. and M. Langton (editors): Australian Indigenous Knowledge and Libraries. Reviewed by J. S. Frideres
Neylan, Susan: The Heavens are Changing: Nineteenth-Century Protestant Missions and Tsimshian Christianity. Reviewed by Karl Hele
Wright-McLeod, Brian: The Encyclopedia of Native Music. Reviewed by Lynn Whidden

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