Vol. 25 No.1, 2005

Negotiating Identity: Aboriginal Women and the Politics of Self-Government.    By Elizabeth A. Asante 

Pegahmagabow of Parry Island: From Jenness Informant To Individual.    By John Steckley and Bryan Cummins 

Aboriginal Forest Planning: Lessons From Three Community Pilot Projects.    By  E.E. Sherry,  S.M. Dewhurst and  M.K. Karjala 

Ojibwa Participation In Methodist Residential Schools In Upper Canada, 1828-1860.    By Hope Maclean

Distributed GIS Solutions For Aboriginal Resource Management:  The Case of the Labrador Innu.    By Jake Whalen 

The Gros Ventre / Fall Indians In Historical and Archaeological Interpretation.    By Mary E. Malainey

Indigenous Tourism Development In Northern Canada: Beyond Economic Incentives.    By John W. Colton 

Tutelage, Development and Legitimacy:  A Brief Critique of Canada’s Indian Reserve Forest Management Regime.    By Clinton N. Westman

Australian Rules Football as Aboriginal Cultural Artifact.    By Barry Judd 

Aboriginal InvolvementIn Community Development: The Case of Winnipeg’s Spence Neighbourhood.     By Jim Silver,  Joan Hay and  Peter Gorzen 

Paradigm Shifts In Aboriginal Cultures ?: Understanding TEK InHistorical and Cultural Context.    By Mark Nelson 

The Media, Aboriginal People and Common Sense.    By Robert Harding 

The Hero’s Journey In James Welch’s Fools Crow and TraditionalPikuni Sacred Geography.     By Jay Hansford C. Vest 

The Acculturation Matrix and the Politics of Difference: Womenand Dene Games.    By  Audrey R. Giles

Research Note

Bill C-31 – An Act To Amend the Indian Act: Notes Toward aQualitative Analysis of Legislated Injustice.     By Martin John Cannon 

Book Reviews 

Brownlie, Robin Jarvis:   A Fatherly Eye: Indian Agents, Government Power, and Aboriginal Resistance in Ontario, 1918-1939.   Reviewed by David J. Norton
Morrison, Kenneth M.:   The Solidarity of Kin: Ethnohistory, Religious Studies, and the Algonkian – French Religious Encounter.   Reviewed by David J. Norton
Nadasdy, Paul:   Hunters and Bureaucrats: Power, Knowledge, and Aboriginal-State Relations in the Southwest Yukon.   P. Whitney Lackenbauer

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