Vol. 24 No.2, 2004

Explorations In Urban Aboriginal Neighbourhood Development.    By Laurence Deane,  Larry Morrissette,  Jason Bousquet  and Samantha Bruyere 

“Preventing Ecological Decline in the Bras d’Or Bioregion: The State Versus the Mi’kmaq ‘Metamorphosis Machine'”.    By William T. Hipwell 

A Measured Sovereignty: The Politics of Nation-Making in British Columbia.     By Andrew Woolford  and  R. S. Ratner

Learning Patterns and Education of Aboriginal Children: A Review of Literature.    By Carmen Rasmussen,  Lola Baydala and Jody Sherman 

Preventing Youth Suicide: Developing a Protocol for Early Intervention in First Nations Communities.    By Melanie S. MacNeil and  Ann Marie Guilmette 

The Paq’tnkek Mi’kmaq and Ka’t (American Eel): A Case Study of Cultural Relations, Meanings, and Prospects*    By Anthony Davis,  John Wagner,  Kerry Prosper and Mary Jane Paulette 

400 Years of Linguistic Contact Between the Mi’kmaq and the English and the Interchange of Two World Views.    By Stephanie Inglis 

Ancient Mi’kmaq Customs:  A Shaman’s Revelations.     By Earle Lockerby

Setting the Table for Food Security:  Policy Impacts in Nunavut.    By Heather Myers,  Stephanie Powell  and Gerard Duhaime

Book Reviews 

Niezen, Ronald:   The Origins of Indigenism.    Reviewed by Tom G. Svensson

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