Vol. 24 No. 1, 2004

Mapping the Issues: Healing, Equity, Opportunity and Governancein Contemporary First Nations Communities.    By Virginia M. McGowan 

Blackfoot Traditional Knowledge in Resolution of ProblemGambling: Getting Gambled and Seeking Wholeness.    By  Virginia M. McGowan and Gary Nixon 

The Relative Earnings Position of Canadian Aboriginals in the1990s.    By Richard E. Mueller 

What is an Educated Person? Definitions of and Motivations forEducational Achievement Among Members of the Pii’kani Nation.    By William Ramp and Kirby Smith 

Integrated Dis-Integration: Employment Structure of First NationsCommunities on the Prairies Relative to Their Local Regions.    By Ivan Townshend,  Ian Maclachlan  and  Dan O’Donoghue 


Emerging From the Shadows: The Pursuit of Aboriginal Self-Governmentto Promote Aboriginal Well-Being.     By Yale D. Belanger and David R. Newhouse 

Book Reviews 

Anderson, Kim:   A Recognition of Being:  Reconstructing Native Womanhood.   Reviewed by Renate Eigenbrod
Dempsey, Hugh A.:   Firewater:  The Impact of the Whisky Trade on the Blackfoot Nation.    Reviewed by Karl Hele
Hawker, Ronald:   Tales of Ghosts:  First Nations Art in British Columbia, 1922-61.   Reviewed by Antoon A. Leenaars
Loew, Patty:    Indian Nations of Wisconsin: Histories of Endurance and Renewal.   Reviewed by Karl Hele

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