Vol. 23 No. 2, 2003

Indigenous “Insider” Academics: Educational Research orAdvocacy?    By Faith Maina 

Fertility of a Community in Transition: The Case of James BayIndians, Canada.   By Anatole Romaniuc 

Two Related Indigenous Writing Systems: Canada’s Syllabic andChina’s A-hmao Scripts.   By R. Alison Lewis and Louis-Jacques Dorais 

The Lost Promise of Mabo: An Update on the Legal Struggle for Land Rights in Australia With Particular Reference to the Ward and Yorta Yorta Decisions.    By Janice Gray 

HIV I Aids Among Canada’s First Nations People: A Look atDisproportionate Risk Factors as Compared to the Rest of Canada.    By Donna M. Hill 

Pinpinayhaytosowin [The Way We Do Things]:   A Definition of Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) in the Context of Mining Development on Lands of the Attawapiskat First Nation and Its Effects on the Design of Research for a TEK Study.   By Norbert Witt and Jackie Hookimaw-Witt 

Individual Property Rights on Canadian Indian Reserves:  The Historical Emergence and Jurisprudence of Certificates of Possession.    By Christopher Alcantara 

Book Reviews 

Binnema, Theodore:   Common and Contested Ground:  A Human and Environmental History of the Northwestern Plains.   Reviewed by Laurie Milne
Coates, Ken and Robin Fisher (Editors):   Out of the Background: Readings on Canadian Native
History.   Reviewed by David Norton
Elledge, Kim (Editor):   Gay Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Myths from
the Arapaho to the Zuni: An Anthology.   Reviewed by Massimiliano Carocci
Gerso, Carole and Veronica Strong-Boag (Editors):   E. Pauline Johnson, Tekahionwake: Collected
Poems and Selected Prose.   Reviewed by David J. Norton
Goulding, Warren:   Just Another Indian:  A Serial Killer and Canada’s Indifference.   Reviewed by Alfred Fisher
Michelson, Karin and Mercy Doxator: Oneida-English I English-Oneida Dictionary.  Reviewed by David J. Norton
Rekmans, Lorraine, Keith Lewis, and Anabel Dwyer:   This is My Homeland:  Stories of the Effects of Nuclear Industries by People of the Serpent River First Nation and the North Shore of Lake Huron.   Reviewed by Chris Paci

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