Vol. 23 No. 1, 2003

Do Aboriginal Students Benefit From Education In Their Heritage Language? Results From a Ten-Year Program of Research in Nunavik.  By Donald M. Taylor and Stephen C.Wright

Changing School-Community Relations Through ParticipatoryResearch: Strategies From First Nations and Teachers.   By Seth A. Agbo

The Rebuilding of a Nation: A Grassroots Analysis of the AboriginalNation-Building Process in Canada.   By Lynn Gehl 

Forecasting Northern Ontario’s Aboriginal Population.   By B. Moazzami

‘Prospects For Justice: Resolving the Paradoxes of MetisConstitutional Rights’.   By Robert Nichols 

Are Native Men and Women Accessing the Health Care Facilities?  Findings From a Small Native Reserve.   By  Mitch- Verde and Han Z. Li 

Analysis of a “Mixed Economy” in an Alaskan Native Settlement:  The Case of Arctic Village.   By Steven C. Dinero 

No Means No:  Ermineskin’s Resistance to Land Surrender, 1902-1921.   By Robert Irwin

Research Paper

The Key and the Coveted: An Expose on the Lack of First Nations Representation in First Nations Studies Programs at the College and University Level.   By William G. Lindsay 

Book Reviews

Adams, Marie:  Our Son, a Stranger.   Reviewed by Alfred Fisher
Carter, Sarah:   Aboriginal People and Colonizers of Western Canada to 1900.   Reviewed by Beatrice Medicine
Clow, R. and I. Sutton:   Trusteeship in Change: Toward Tribal Autonomy in
Research Management.   Reviewed by James S. Frideres
Culleton Mosionier, Beatrice:   In the Shadow of Evil.   Reviewed by Alfred Fisher
Reid, Gordon:   Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump.    Reviewed by Laurie Milne
Ridington, Robin and Dennis Hastings:    Blessing For a Long Time: The Sacred Pole of
the Omaha Tribe.   Reviewed by Beatrice Medicine

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