Vol. 22 No. 1, 2002

Educating “Indians”:   Practices of Becoming Canadian.   By Alice Ormiston 

A Positive Experiment in Aboriginal Education: The MethodistOjibwa Day Schools in Upper Canada, 1824-1833.    By Hope Maclean 

Purana Narratology and Thomas King: Rewriting of Colonial History in Medicine River and ‘Joe the Painter and the Deer Island Massacre’.   By Aditi H. Vahia 

Introducing Mainstream Psychology To Native Students WhoseFeet Are in “Two Vessels.   By Richard Walsh-Bowers andPam Johnson

Shooting the Messenger: Historical Impediments to the Mediation ofModern Aboriginality in Ontario.   By Kathleen Buddle 

Andersen chez les Mamit-Innuat
Le suicide chez les Mamit-Innuat: un decalage entre Ie discours et
la realite.   By Stephanie Eveno 

Review Essay

Citizens Plus: Aboriginal Peoples and the Canadian State.   By Peter Kulchyski

Book Reviews

Bonvillain, Nancy:   Native Nations:  Cultures and Histories of Native North America.    Reviewed by David Norton

Cleland, Charles E.:   The Place of the Pike (Gnoozhekaaning):  A History of the Bay Mills Indian Community.   Reviewed by Karl Hele

Fawcett, Melissa Jayne.:   Medicine Trail:  The Life and Lessons of Gladys Tantaquidgeon.   Reviewed by David Norton

Hamilton, Hon. A.C., Q.C., LLD.:    A Feather Not a Gavel:  Working Toward Aboriginal Justice.   Reviewed by Paula Mallea

James, Keith (Editor):   Science and Native American Communities: Legacies of Pain, Visions of Promise.   Reviewed by Dr. John R. Minnis

C.L. Higham:    Noble, Wretched and Redeemable:  Protestant Missionaries to the Indians in Canada and the United States.   Reviewed by Jason M. Yaremko

Pickering, Kathleen Ann:   Lakota Culture, World Economy.   Reviewed by Karl Hele

Senungetuk, Vivian:   Wise Words of Paul Tiulana:  An Inupiat Alaskan’s Life.   Reviewed by Alfred Fisher

Smith, Claire and Graeme K. Ward (Editors):  Indigenous Cultures in an Interconnected World.   Reviewed by Yale D. Belanger

St. Germain, Jill:   Indian Treaty-Making Policy in the United States and Canada, 1867-1877.   Reviewed by Yale D. Belanger

Weiss, Gillian (Editor) with Pearl McKenzie, Pauline Coulthard, Charlene Tree Bernie Sound, Valerie Bourne and Brandi McLeod:   Trying to Get It Back, Indigenous Women, Education and Culture.   Reviewed by Alfred Fisher

Wight, Darlene Coward:   Art  and Expression of the Netsilik.   Reviewed by Tom G. Svensson

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