Vol. 21 No. 1, 2001

A Place for Healing: Achieving Health for Aboriginal Women in anUrban Context.   By Allison Williams and Ann Marie Guilmette

Spirituality, The Hidden Reality: Living and Learning in AnishenabeCountry.  B y Edward J. Hedican 

Toward Full Empowerment in Native Education: UnanticipatedChallenges.   By Donald M. Taylor 

Developing Federal Policy for First Nations People in Urban Areas:1945-1975.   By Evelyn J. Peters 

Thoughts on the Responsibilities of Indigenous / Native Studies.   By  Winona Wheeler

Visions of Neo-Colonialism? Renewing the Relationship withAboriginal Peoples.   By Kiera L. Ladner 

Aboriginal Peoples and Knowledge: Decolonizing Our Processes.   By Leanne Simpson 

Remediation of Site 050 of the Mid-Canada Radar Line: Identifying Potential Sites of Concern Utilizing Traditional Environmental Knowledge.   By Leonard J.S. Tsuji 

Achieving Consensus for a Policy Action to Reduce Alcohol Problems in the Unceded Indian Reserve of Wikwemikong:  Wikwemikong Alcohol Policy Consensus.   By Claire Narbonne-Fortin,  Margaret Rylett,  Susan Manitowabi, Ronald R. Douglas and  Louis Gliksman 

Book Reviews 

Brandao, Jose Antonio:   Your Fyre Shall Burn No More:  Iroquois Policy toward New France and its Native Allies to 1701.   Reviewed by Seymore Dubrow
Morrisseau, Calvin:   Into the Daylight:  A Wholistic Approach to Healing.   Reviewed by Dr. Frye Jean Graveline
Murray, Laura J and Kerin Rice:   Talking on the Page:  Editing Aboriginal Oral Texts.   Reviewed by Roger Spielmann
Pryce, Paula:   “Keeping the Lakes’ Way”: Reburial and the Re-creation of a Moral World Among an Invisible People.  Reviewed by Alfred Fisher
Snell, Alma Hogan :   Grandmother’s Grandchild:  My Crow Indian Life.   Reviewed by Alfred Fisher
Womack, Craig S.:   Red on Red:  Native American Literary Separatism.   Reviewed by Yale Belanger

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