Vol. 20 No. 1, 2000

Community Perceptions of the Beverly-Qamanirjuaq Caribou Management Board.   By Anne Kendrick 

From Fireside to TV Screen: Self-Determination and Anishnaabe Storytelling Traditions.   By Cory Silverstein and Zeek Cywink

The Aborigines Report (1837): A Case Study in the Slow Change of Colonial Social Relations.   By Michael D. Blackstock

Aboriginal Population of Canada: Growth Dynamics Under Conditions of Encounter of Civilizations.   By Anatole Romaniuc

Inclusiveness and Relevance in First Nations/Public Education System Schooling: It’s All About Praxis of Aboriginal Self-Determination in the Tuition Agreement Education Field.   By George E. Burns 

Culture and Language: The Political Realities to Keep Trickster at Bay.   By Stephen Greymorning

Book Reviews 

Ahenakew, Freda:  kwayask e-ki-pe-kiskinowapahtihicik:  Their Example Showed Me the Way.  Reviewed by Eleanor M. Blain
Churchill, Ward:   A Little Matter of Genocide:  Holocaust and Denial in the Americas: 1492 to the Present.   Reviewed by Damir Mirkovic
Drummond, Susan G.:  Incorporating the Familiar:  An Investigation into Legal Sensibilities. in Nunavik.   Reviewed by Kenichi Matsui
Duff, Wilson:   The Indian History of British Columbia:  The Impact of the Whiteman  (New Edition).   Reviewed by Rob Nestor
Eber, Dorothy Harley:   Images of Justice.   Reviewed by Tom G. Svensson
Ens, Gerhard J.:   Homeland to Hinterland:  The Changing Worlds of the Red River Metis in the Nineteenth Century.   Reviewed by Rob Nestor
Erasmus, Peter:   Buffalo Days and Nights (as told to Henry Thompson).   Reviewed by Michael R. Angel
Harkin, Michael R.:   The Heiltsuks:  Dialogues of Culture and History on the Northwest Coast.   Reviewed by Joel Martineau
Laforet, Andrea and Annie York.:   Spuzzum:  Fraser Canyon Histories, 1808-1939.   Reviewed by Brian Thom
Magnaghi, Russell M.:   Indian Slavery, Labor, Evangelization, and Captivity in the Americas:  An Annotated Bibliography.   Reviewed by Michael R. Angel
Manore, Jean L.:   Cross-Currents:  Hydroelectricity and the Engineering of Northern Ontario.   Reviewed by Christopher Hannibal-Paci
Phillips Ruth B.:   Trading Identities:  The Souvenir in Native North American Art from the Northeast, 1700-1900.   Reviewed by Claire Warrior
Reed, Kevin:   Aboriginal Peoples: Building for the Future.   Reviewed by Massimiliano Carocci
Hulan, Renee (Editor):   Native North America: Critical and Cultural Perspectives.   Reviewed by Massimiliano Carocci
Ross, Rupert:   Returning to the Teachings:  Exploring Aboriginal Justice.  Reviewed by Kevin Black
Sharma, Pamesh:   Aboriginal Fishing Rights:  Laws, Courts, Politics.  Reviewed by Tom G. Svensson
Smith, Paul and Robert Allen Warrior:   Like a Hurricane:  The Indian Movement from Alcatraz to Wounded Knee.   Reviewed by Don Clairmont
Vizenor, Gerald:   Fugitive Posses: Native American Indian Scenes of Absence and Presence.   Reviewed by Michael R. Angel

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