Vol. 2 No. 2, 1982

Telling Secrets; Stories of the Vision Quest. By Robin Ridington

Multiple Levels of Religious Meaning in Culture: A New Look at Winnebago Sacred Texts. By Lawrence E Sullivan

A Chapter in the Amateur Period of Canadian Anthropology: A Missionary Case Study. By David A Nock

Thirty-Five Dollars: The Politics of Economic Development on Nipissing Reserve. By Lise C. Hansen

Myth and Ceremony in Contemporary North American Native Fiction. By Lorelei Cederstrom

Occupational Segregation and Inequality between Native and Non-Native Canadians. By E. Hugh Lautard

Indian Policies of Great Britain and the United States in the Pacific Northwest in the Mid-Nineteenth Century. By Barry M. Gough

Recent Shifts in Native Studies Programs and Journals from Practical Issues to the Arts and Humanities. By John A. Price


Outstanding Business: A Native Claims Policy: Specific Claims. Introduction and exerpts provided by Patricia Sawchuk

Discussion and Debate

On Hold: A Review of “In All Fairness: A Native Claims Policy”. By Ken Hatt

Native Studies

Native Studies Audio-Visuals and Other Media. By John A. Price

Exhibition Reviews

From Our Hands. Reviewed by Allan J. Ryan
Pipes That Won’t Smoke; Coal That Won’t Burn. Reviewed by Robin Ridington
The Legacy: Continuing traditions of Canadian Northwest Coast Indian Art. Reviewed by Robin Ridington
The Four Seasons. Reviewed by B.A. Nicholson

Film Review

Our Children Are Our Future. Reviews by Donald J. Bourgeois and Harry S. Coblentz

Book Reviews

Barwick: Handbook for Aboriginal and Islander History. Reviewed by Weaver
Blythe: The Ballad of Alice Moonchild- …and Others. Reviewed by Brockway
George: My Spirit Soars. Reviewed by Charlot
Jilek: Indian Healing. Reviewed by Blue
Sawchuk: Metis Land Rights in Alberta. Reviewed by Sprague
Smith: Long Lance, The True Story of an Imposter. Reviewed by McNab
Tarasoff: Persistent Ceremonialism. Reviewed by Simonds
Thomas: Rubaboo. Reviewed by Ferguson
Vizenor: Wordarrows. Reviewed by Schultz
Weaver; Making Canadian Indian Policy. Reviewed by Walker

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