Vol. 2 No. 1, 1982

Native Training and Political Change: A Personal Reflection. By Joseph E. Couture

The Baker Affair: Case Study of a Cancelled Training Workshop. By Mark Stiles

Community Education Through Media: Government Intervention in Northern Saskatchewan. By Paul Hurly

Pedagogy and Politics in Native Literacy Projects: The Case of the Native Adult Learning Group. By Jane E Henson

Political Consciousness in a Native Studies Course: An Experiment in the Methodology of Paulo Freire. By Richard Witham

Indian Participation in Health Policy Development: Implications for Adult Education. By Marlene Brant Castellano

Sanitation and Water Supply in Big Trout Lake: Participatory Research in the Kayahna Tribal Area: Collective Analysis of Employment Needs. By Ted Jackson and Gerry McKay

Women’s Participatory Research in the Kayahna Tribal Area: Collective Analysis of Employment Needs. By Grace Hudson

The Insider-Outsider Dialectic in Native Socio-Economic Development: A Case Study in Process Understanding. By Alexandra Lockhart


In All Fairness: A Native Claims Policy: Comprehensiven Claims. Introduction and excerpts provided by Patricia Sawchuk

Discussion and Debate

Comment on Price: Native Studies in Canadian Universities and Colleges. By Cornelius J. Jaenen. Reply by John A. Price.

Native Studies

A Note on Indian Graduations from U.S. Four-Year Colleges and Universities. By John A. Price

Introduction to Special Issue

Learning for Self-Determination: Community-Based Options for Native Education and Training. By Ted Jackson, Don McCaskill and Budd L. Hall

Book Reviews

Andrews: Medicine Woman. Reviewed by Cederstrom
Berger: Fragile Freedoms. Reviewed by Frideres
Black: Algonquin Ethnobotany. Reviewed by Preston
Briggs: Aspects of Inuit Value Socialization. Reviewed by Richling
Cruikshank: Athapaskan Women. Reviewed by Chegwidden
Dobbin: The One-And-A-Half Men. Reviewed by Hull
Drew: Argillite Art of the Haida. Reviewed by Lanoue
Hara: The Hare Indians and Their World. Reviewed by Slobodin
Helm: Handbook of North American Indians. Reviewed by Corrigan
Niatum: Carriers of the Dream World. Reviewed by Cederstrom
Price: Native Studies. Reviewed by Miller
Taylor: Canoe Construction in a Cree Cultural Tradition. Reviewed by Nicholson

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