Vol. 18 No. 2, 1998

Historical Representations of Lake Sturgeon by Native andNon-Native Artists.   By Christopher Hannibal-Paci 

A Decade of Change in the Mushkegowuk Territory (1987-1997): Moving Towards a Self-Governing Health Care System.   By Leonard J.S. Tsuji 

The Myth of Swan: The Case of Regina v. Taylor.  By P. Dawn Mills 

An Assessment of Recent Political Development in Nunavut:  The Challenges and Dilemmas of Inuit Self-Government.  By Andre Legare

Bridging Sacred Canopies: Mi’kmaq Spirituality and Catholicism.   By Robert A. Campbell

The Cayuga Chief Jacob E. Thomas: Walking a Narrow Path Between Two Worlds.   By Takeshi Kimura 


Interviews with Loretta Todd, Shelley Niro and Patricia Deadman.   By Lawrence Abbott

Book Reviews

Judson, Katherine Berry (Editor):   Myths and Legends of the Pacific Northwest.  Reviewed by Wayne A. Holst
Mackie, Richard S.:  Trading Beyond the Mountains:  The British Fur Trade  on the Pacific, 1793-1843.  Reviewed by Joel Martineau
Sterrit, Neil J, Susan Marsden, Robert Galois, Peter R. Grant and Richard Overstall: Tribal Boundaries in the Nass Watershed.  Reviewed by Brian Callious
Gisday Wa and Elgam Uukw:  The Spirit of the Land:  Statements of the Gitksan and Wet’suwet’en Hereditary Chiefs in the Supreme Court of British Columbia 1987-1990.  Reviewed by Brian Callious
Teichroeb, Ruth: Flowers on My Grave: How an Ojibwa Boy’s Death Helped Break the Silence of Child Abuse.  Reviewed by Caroline McPhail

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