Vol. 17 No. 2, 1997

Aboriginal People in an Urban Housing Market: Lethbridge (Alberta).  By Russel Lawrence Barsh

Reversing The Spirit of Delegitimation.  By J Tim Goddard 

Indian Agents and the “Indian Problem” in Canada in 1946:  Reconsidering the Theory of Coercive Tutelage.  By  Victor Satzewich 

The Mississaugas Between Two Worlds: Strategic Adjustments to Changing Landscapes of Power.  By Brian Osborne andMichael Ripmeester 

Culturally Relevant Pedagogy: First Nations Education in Canada.  By Faith Maina . 

The Third Solitude: Making a Place for Aboriginal Justice.  By Brian Donohue 

Perceptions of Racism in Youth Corrections: The British Columbia ~ Experience.  By Michael P. MacDonald

Video Review

Without Reservations: Some Notes on Racism in Montana.  By (Paci)

Art Review

Lost Visions, Forgotten Dreams: Life and Art of an Ancient Arctic People.  By (samagalski) 

Book Reviews

Condon, Richard G. with Julia Ogina and Holman Elders:  The Northern Copper Inuit.  Reviewed by Olive Patricia Dickason
Enrico, John and Wendy Bross Stuart:  Northern Haida Songs.  Reviewed by Lynn Whidden 
Flanagan, Thomas:  Louis ‘David’ Riel ‘Prophet of the New World’ (Revised Edition).  Reviewed by Ben K. Jukpor
Fletcher, Alice C.:  The Hako: Song, Pipe and Unity in a Pawnee Calumet Ceremony.   Reviewed by Robin Ridington 
Grant, Agnes:  No End of Grief: Indian Residential Schools in Canada.  Reviewed by James S. Frideres
Hasager, Otto and Jonathan Freeman (Editors):  Hawaii Returns to Nationhood.   Reviewed by Robert Brockway
Johansen, Bruce E. and Donald A. Grinde Jr.:  The Encyclopedia of Native American Biography: Six Hundred Life Stories of Important People from Powhatan to Wilma Mankiller.   Reviewed by Rob Nestor
Johnston, Basil H.:  The Bear-Walker and Other Stories.   Reviewed by Sophie Beaule 
Kohlhoff, Dean:  When the Wind Was a River: Aleut Evacuation in World War II.   Reviewed by Cam McEachern 
Mandell, Daniel R.:  Beyond the Frontier: Indians in 18th Century Eastern Massachusetts.  Reviewed by David J. Norton
Matthews, Washington:  The Night Chant: The Navaho Ceremony.   Reviewed by Kenneth B. Mello 
McRae, Heather, Garth Nettheim and Laura Beacroft:  Indigenous Legal Issues.   Reviewed by Janice Gray 
Morgan, Lewis Henry:  Systems of Consanguinity and Affinity of the Human Family
.   Reviewed by Trevor Denton
Opler, Morris Edward:  An Apache Life-Way: The Economic, Social, and Religious Institutions of the Chiricahua Indians.   Reviewed by Marybeth E. Culley 
Rotman, Leonard Ian:  Parallel Paths: Fiduciary Doctrine and the Crown-Native Relationship in Canada.   Reviewed by Olive Patricia Dickason
Silko, Leslie Marmon:  Yellow Woman and a Beauty of the Spirit: Essays on Native American Life Today.   Reviewed by Jean-Paul Restoule

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