Vol. 16 No. 1, 1996

Treaty Negotiations in British Columbia: The Utility of Geographic Information Management Techniques. By Joseph Mensah

Alternative Perspectives on the Overrepresentation of Native Peoples in Canadian Correctional Institutions: The Case Study of Alberta. By Xavier Cattarinich

What is an Elder? What do Elders Do?: First Nations Elders as Teachers in Culture-Based Urban Organizations. By S.M. Stiegelbauer

Cree Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Science: A Case Study of the Sharp-Tailed Grouse, Tympanuchus phasianellus phasianellus. By Leonard J.S. Tsuji

Development of Identity in Native Indian Children: Review and Possible Futures. By Barry Corenblum

An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of First Nations Participation in the Development of Land-Use Plans in the Yukon. By Frank Duerden

Shampoo Archaeology: Towards a Participatory Action Research Approach in Civil Society. By Michael P. Robinson

The Process Leading to a Lands Claims Agreement and its Implementation: The Case of the Nunavut Land Claims Settlement. By André Légaré

Spiderwoman Theatre and the Tapestry of Story. By Larry Abbott

Book Reviews

Bolt, Clarence: Thomas Crosby and the Tsimshian: Small Shoes for Feet Too Large. Reviewed by Joanne MacDonald
Fletcher, Alice: A Study of Omaha Indian Music. Reviewed by Lynn Whidden
Griffin-Pierce, Trudy : Earth is My Mother, Sky is My Father: Space, Time and Astronomy in Navajo Sandpainting. Reviewed by Claire R. Farrer
Haig-Brown, Celia: Taking Control: Power and Contradiction in First Nations Adult Education. Reviewed by James M. Pitsula
Hedican, Edward J.: Applied Anthropology in Canada: Understanding Aboriginal Issues. Reviewed by Tom G. Svensson
Helm, June: Prophecy and Power among the Dogrib Indians. Reviewed by Guy Lanoue
Opler, Morris Edward: Myths and Tales of the Chiricahua Apache Indians. Reviewed by Dell Hymes
Ryan, Joan: Doing Things the Right Way: Dene Traditional Justice in Lac La Martre, N.W.T. Reviewed by David A. Lynes
Sampson, Connie: Buried in the Silence. Reviewed by Helen Debassige
Swanton, John R.: Myths and Tales of the Southeastern Indians. Reviewed by Thomas S. Abler
Tennant, Paul: Aboriginal Peoples and Politics: The Indian Land Question in British Columbia, 1849-1989. Reviewed by Thomas Isaac
Valentine, Lisa Philips: Making it Their Own: Severn Ojibwe Communicative Practice. Reviewed by David L. Schmidt

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