Vol. 15 No. 2, 1995

Davis Inlet in Crisis: Will the Lessons Ever Be Learned? By Harold Press

Experiencing Urban Schooling: The Adjustment of Native Students to the Extra-Curricular Demands of Post-Secondary Education. By James Ryan

Social Problems, Community Trauma and Hydro Project Impacts. By Martin Loney

On Reserve Status Indian Voter Participation in the Maritimes. By David Bedford and Sidney Pobihushchy

Epistemological Dependancy and Native Peoples: An Esssay on the Future of Native/Non-Native Relations in Canada. By Douglas A. West

Language, Culture and Identity: Some Inuit Examples. By Louis-Jacques Dorais

The Business Economy of the First Nations in Saskatchewan: A Contingency Perspective. By Robert B. Anderson

Southern Exposure: Belated Recognition of a Significant Inuk Writer-Artist. By Michael P. J. Kennedy


Why I don’t Like Museums: A Reply to the Commentary “Personal , Academic and Institutional Perspectives on Museums and First Nations” by Robert R. Janes. Commentary by Douglas A. West

Book Reviews

Choquette, Robert: The Oblate Assault on Canada’s Northwest. Reviewed by Christopher G. Trott
Clément, Daniel: La zoologie des Montagnais. Reviewed by Nicolas Verrier
Hildebrandt, Walter and Brian Hubner: The Cypress Hills: The Land and Its People. Reviewed by Alvin Kienetz
Parker, Dorthy R.: Singing an Indian Song: A Biography of D’Arcy McNickle. Reviewed by Rob Nestor
Peers, Laura: The Ojibwa of Western Canada, 1780-1870. Reviewed by Guy Lanoue
Pettipas, Katherine: Severing the Ties that Bind: Government Repression of Indigenous Religious Ceremonies on the Prairies. Reviewed by James M. Pitsula
Swift, Karen J.: Manufacturing “Bad Mothers”: A Critical Perspective on Child Neglect. Reviewed by Ben K. Jukpor
Taylor, Drew Hayden: Someday. Reviewed by Alfred Fisher

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