Vol. 15 No. 1, 1995

Treaties with Aboriginal Minorities. By Michael Craufurd-Lewis

“A Race of Mules”: Mixed-Bloods in Western American Fiction. By Brian Hubner

Cultural Spirit and the Ethic of Bureaucracy: The Paradox of Cultural Administration. By David A. Lynes

The Oral in the Written: A Literature Between Two Cultures. By Renate Eigenbrod

Return of Education Among Northwestern Ontario’s Native People. By W. B. Jankowski and B. Moazzami

European Ways of Talking About the Art of Northwest Coast First Nations. By Graeme Chalmers

“A Time of Visions”: Contemporary American Indian Art and Artists. By Larry Abbott

Book Reviews

Abbot, Lawrence ( Editor ): I Stand in the Center of the Good: Interviews with Contemporary Native American Artists. Reviewed by Jan Brancewicz
Chrystos: Not Vanishing. Reviewed by Alfred Fisher
Dickson, Stewart: Hey Monias! The Story of Raphael Ironstand. Reviewed by Trish White
Gaup, Ailo: In Search of the Drum ( Novel ). Reviewed by Keith A. Winsell
Given, Brian J.: A Most Pernicious Thing: Gun Trading and Native Warfare in the Early Contact Period. Reviewed by Paul C. Thistle
Gosse, Richard, James Youngblood Henderson and Roger Carter: Continuing Poundmaker and Riel’s Quest: Presentations Made at a Conference on Aboriginal Perspectives and Justice. Reviewed by James M. Pitsula
Lomawaima, K. Tsianina: They Called it Prairie Light: The Story of the Chilocco Indian School. Reviewed by Rob Nestor
Mallea, Paula: Aboriginal Law: Apparteid in Canada? Reviewed by James S. Frideres
Mills, Antonia and Richard Slobodin ( Editors ): Amerindian Rebirth: Reincarnation Belief Among North American Indians and Inuit. Reviewed by James S. Frideres
Ross, A. C.: Ehanamani “Walks Among”. Reviewed by Dennis L. Treslan
Taylor, Colin F.: Saam: The Symbolic Content of Early Northern Plains Ceremonial Regalia. Reviewed by Catherine Oberholtzer

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