Vol. 10 No. 1, 1990

The Role of Empowerment in Social Work Degree Programs for Indigenous Native People: A Critique of One School’s Experience. By Daniel O’Brien and Jacqueline Pace

On the Rail-line in Northwestern Ontario: Non-Reserve Housing and Community Change. By Edward J. Hedican

Bleeding Day and Night: The Construction of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Across Tsimshian Reserve Lands. By James A. McDonald

Micmac Migration to Western Newfoundland. By Denis A. Bartels and Olaf Uwe Janzen

Native Language Broadcasting: An Experiment in Empowerment. By J. B. Minore and M. E. Hill

Utilizing the Arts for Healing from a Native American Perspective: Implications for Creative Arts Therapies. By Phoebe Dufrene


Review Articles

“Lower Than the Angels”: The Weight of Jim Logan’s Art. By N. Alexander Easton

Two From the Island: Recent Work Relating to the Micmacs of Prince Edward Island. By John Crossley

Book Reviews

Farrow, Malcolm and David Wilman ( Editors ): Self-Determination in Native Education in the Circumpolar North, Proceedings of the Seminar: Inuit Control of Inuit Education. Reviewed by John S. Long
Fisher, Robin and Kenneth Coates ( Editors ): Out of the Background: Readings on Canadian Native History. Reviewed by David A. Nock
Johnston, Basil H.: Indian School Days. Reviewed by Lorelei Cederstrom
Marchak, Patricia, Neil Guppy and John McMullan ( Editors ): Uncommon Property: The Fishing and Fish-Processing Industries in British Columbia. Reviewed by Olive Patricia Dickason
Montejo, Victor: Testimony: Death of a Guatemalan Village. Reviewed by Dale Lakevold
Montejo, Victor Dionicio: El Kanil, Man of Lightning, A Legend of Jacalentango. Reviewed by Dale Lakevold
Mourning Dove: Mourning Dove: A Salishan Autobiography. Reviewed by Dell Hymes

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