Vol. 1 No. 1, 1981

The Effects of Ethnic Characteristics upon Orientations Towards Native Indians. By J. Rick Ponting and Roger Gibbins

Performance of Native Trainees in an Apprenticeship Training Program. By Charles W. Hobart

Native Settlements and Native Rights. A Comparison of the Alaska Native Settlement, the James Bay Indian/Inuit Settlement, and the Western Canadian Inuit Settlement. By J.S. Frideres

Eskimo Religion: A Look at Four Transitional Persons. By Arthur O. Roberts

The James Smith Reserve Cree Counterbalance I.Q. Test. By Doug Daniels and Cree Teacher Trainees

Discussion and Debate

Introduction to the Canadian Journal of Native Studies Discussion and Debate Section. By Joe Sawchuk

Contrasts between the Resolution of Native Land Claims in the United States and Canada based on Observations of the Alaska Native Land Claims Movement. By Alexander M. Ervin

Commentary: A Possible Alternative to Research Funding from DIAND. By D.N. Sprangue

“Our Land and our Culture is our Future.” Strategies and Implications of Development on the Metis Settlements of Alberta. By Elmer Ghostkeeper

Native Studies

Introduction to the Native Studies Section of the Canadian Journal of Native Studies. By Samuel Corrigan

Native Studies at Brandon: A History and More. By Michael Blanar

Reflections on the Direction of Native Studies Departments in Canadian Universities. By Arthur W. Blue

Native Studies Programs in Canada and the United States. By Jack Sikand

Native Studies versus the Academic Establishment. By John A. Price

Native Studies: The Directory

Article Review

The High Cost of Avoiding Political Economy: A Belated Review of Rolf Knight’s Indians at Work. Reviewed by Doug Daniels

Book Reviews

Ashworth, Mary: The Forces which Shaped Them: A History of the Education of Minority Group Children in British Columbia. Reviewed by Jean Friesen
Barker, George: Forty Years a Chief. Reviewed by K. Wilson
Daniel, Richard C.: A History of Native Claims Processes in Canada, 1867-1979. Reviewed by Scott Clark
Deloria, Vine Jr.: The Metaphysics of Modern Existence. Reviewed by Ken Hanly
Fredrickson, N. Jaye and Sandra Gibb: The Covenant Chain: Indian Ceremonial and Indian Trade Silver. Reviewed by George F.G. Stanley
Gedaloff, Robin (Editor): Paper Stay Put: A Collection of Inuit Writing. Reviewed by Barnett Richling
Hawthorne, Audrey: Kwakiutl Art. Reviewed by Allan J. Ryan
DIAND: Indian Conditions: A Survey. Reviewed by Wayne Anthony
L├ętourneau, Henri: Henri L├ętourneau raconte. La critique par Gilles Martel
Lussier, A.S.: Riel and the Metis: Riel Mini-Conference Papers. Reviewed by D. Bruce Sealey
Lussier, Antoine S. and D. Bruce Sealey (Editors): The Other Natives: The/Les Metis, Volume III. Reviewed by Thomas Flanagan
Moyles, R.G.: British Law and Arctic Men: The Celebrated 1917 Murder Trials of Sinnisiak and Uluksuk, First Inuit Tried under White Man’s Law. Reviewed by W.R. Morrison
Nas’Naga: Indian Summer. Reviewed by Norm Williamson
Nelson, Richard K.: Shadow of the Hunter: Stories of Eskimo Life. Reviewed by Michael Blanar
Niatum, Duane: Digging Out the Roots: Poems. Reviewed by R.W. Brockway
Ponting, J. Rick and Roger Gibbins: Out of Irrelevance: A Socio-political Introduction to Indian Affairs in Canada. Reviewed by David T. McNab
Price, John: Indians of Canada: Cultural Dynamics. Reviewed by Don McCaskill
Raine, David F.: Pitseolak, A Canadian Tragedy. Reviewed by James McDonald
Redbird, Duke: We Are Metis: A Metis View of the Development of a Native Canadian People. Reviewed by J.E. Foster
Treaties and Historical Research Centre, Department of Indian and Northern Affairs: The Treaty of Amity, Commerce and Navigation, 1794-1796 . Reviewed by Noel Dyck
Treaties and Historical Research Centre, Department of Indian and Northern Affairs: An Historical Reference Guide to the Stone Fort Treaty (Treaty One, 1871).
Reviewed by Noel Dyck
Treaties and Historical Research Centre, Department of Indian and Northern Affairs: Indian Treaties in Historical Perspective.
Reviewed by Noel Dyck
Welch, James: Riding the Earthboy 40 (Revised Edition). Reviewed by Agnes Grant
Young Bear, Ray: Winter of the Salamander. Reviewed by Agnes Grant

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