Vol. 26 No.2, 2006

Telling 1922s Story of National Crime: Canada’s First Chief Medical Officer and the Aborted Fight for Aboriginal Health Care. By Adam J. Green

A First Nations’ Perspective on Social Justice in Social Work Education: Are We There Yet? (A Post-Colonial Debate). By Barbara Harris

Integrating Aboriginal Perspectives into Curricula: A Literature Review. By Jacqueline Ledoux

Power, Praxis and the M├ętis of Kelly Lake, Canada. By David Bentley and Brenda Murphy

Towards an Essential Native American Identity: A Theoretical Overview. By Jyotirmaya Tripathy

Banking in Winnipeg’s Aboriginal and Impoverished Neighbourhood. By Thibault Martin, Amelia Curran and Judith Lapierre

Identifying the Learning Needs of Innu Students: Creating a Model of Culturally Appropriate Assessment. By David Philpott

The Aboriginal Intellectual in Jeannette Armstrong’s Whispering in the Shadows: Between Indigenous Localism and Globalization. By Louisa Sorflaten

Aboriginal Identification in North American Cities. By Craig Proulx

Book Reviews

Clark, Ella E. (editor): Indian Legends of the Pacific Northwest. Reviewed by Ellen K. Brown
Lawrence, Bonita: ‘Real” Indians and Others: Mixed-Blood Urban Native Peoples and Indigenous Nationhood. Reviewed by Sadie Donovan
Lenz, Mary Jane: Small Spirits: Native American Dolls. Reviewed by Antoon Leenaars and Lindsey Leenaars
Morantz, Toby: The White Man’s Gonna Getcha. Reviewed by P. Whitney Lackenbauer
Wolfart, H. C. (editor): Papers of the Thirty-Sixth Algonquian Conference. Reviewed by Sadie Donovan

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